Specialists of Flexco company have developed the most wear resistant system of fastening belt using clips and connecting rods.  New system Flexco XP is a combination of mounting tools and mechanical fastener for connecting rubberized fabric belts with strength up to 3500kN/m and thickness up to 16 mm. Finished fastening is smooth and has low profile, so it is possible to use tools for cleaning belt. Mounting tool is convenient in mounting and operating and can be equipped with manual and hydraulic drive. One element of the fastener can be installed with one push. Dynamic tests of the troughed belt with angle 35 fastened with Flexco XP showed increase of lifetime of the belt for 33% in comparison with competitors.

  To choose the right components of the system we recommend to use catalog «Flexco XP Conveyor Belt Clamp System». The process of installing mechanical fastener Flexco HP on the belt is simple. You can order Flexco Products in our branches in Kyiv, Dnipro, Kharkiv, Lviv and Odessa. We are constantly working to ensure that your equipment is as productive, durable and safe as possible.