Tsubaki Titan chain was developed in the Tsubaki’s International R&D Center in Japan, and it integrates the best features of the GT4 Winner chain, which is highly reliable, with some new and unique features. The newly designed product has a much better service life in the heavy-duty industries with abrasives and dust environments, which are common, for instance, for wood-processing companies, companies producing construction materials, and mines.

  The new Tsubaki Titan Series Chain is made with perfect cylindrical seamless bushings with lube grooves providing the maximum possible smooth running, which results in minimizing wear. Also, special lube grooves retain grease effectively in the point of contact, which allows reducing pin and bushing wear. Due to the special pin coating, an extra hard surface with a low friction index is reached. As a result, the service life is increased significantly. The chain design includes corrosion resistant nickel coated outer plates combined with black oxide inner plates. All these provide additional corrosion protection. The chain also has a unique design of connecting links, which increases its maximum load and allows operating the chain to the fullest extent.

  These advancements help minimize chain maintenance costs and downtime. Along with reducing the frequency of chain replacement, these factors provide a significant decrease in the total cost of ownership.

 Tsubaki Titan chains are available in 12B – 32B sizes in a single row execution. Chains in other sizes, in multi-row execution, and with additional attachments are also made-to-order.