Even during the war, unshakable traditions are preserved in Beltimport. On the first Saturday of August, we all come together to celebrate the company's birthday. This year we turned 27! The entire extended Beltimport family gathered in the Kyiv office, where colleagues from all corners of Ukraine and even from abroad convened. Yes, in these challenging and momentous times for the country, there were no dances or celebrity hosts, but there was sincerity and embraces among each other, with heartfelt speeches and a spark in our eyes.

  A special moment was the greetings from our boys who are currently defending the country in the hottest spots. In addition to a special gift received in advance from the 72nd Separate Mechanized Brigade named after the Black Zaporozhians, an additional surprise awaited everyone. Straight from the frontline, one of our defenders visited us with a special gift. He brought the flag of the 142nd Separate Infantry Brigade with the personal signatures of many brave and influential fighters from this brigade.

  And this is a great honor for our company! The opportunity to embrace and hear firsthand stories from a combat officer moved not only the girls.

  This day was full of emotions, open and friendly communication, various competitions, and inspiring toasts.

  We somehow summed up the results, shared dreams, enjoyed each other's company! And even though 27 years is an honorable age for our country 😉, we still feel young and full of energy and the desire to make this world better and bring our Victory closer!