Every day in the world there is a growing demand for using vacuum technology to transfer complex products without damaging them! More and more technologies are being manufactured using 3D printers. Our partner Schmalz is always as always in the first place in the world, concerning new developments and always uses the best production technologies!

  A lot of equipment manufacturers familiar with a story when there is need to quickly design and manufacture a gripper for transferring a non-standard detail. Previously, this action required a lot of time and painstaking design work. Exactly for this purpose our expert has developed the new SLG gripper. Thanks to free and intuitive online configurator, you can design and order a vacuum gripper only in a few minutes, which will be ideal for your aim.

  The SLG vacuum gripper is a complete turnkey solution. From now on, complex development solutions are a thing of the past. You can evaluate the work of our configurator in this video. The completely straightforward online configurator guides you through the choice of gripper type, application, vacuum generator and flange connection.

 Try the SLG vacuum gripper configurator yourself.

  • Designed automatically

  Complex geometry can be realized with software that creates the most energy efficient gripper design. The air valves are fully integrated into the structure, so the gripper gets the most optimal shape.

  • Ready-to-use solution made using adaptive technology

  Thanks to its adaptive manufacturing process technology, the SLG gripper is particularly suitable for use with light robots and cobots. Thanks to its low grip weight, the cobot receives a large payload. An additional gripper flange plate allows it to be easily connected to the robot.