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Do you know how to connect a roller chain simple and easy?

Irina Gavrilenko

In this blog, using experience of a roller chain production leader – Tsubaki (Japan), we will show you how to do that, what tools to use and what nuances can be.

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Conveyor belts with cut or moulded edges

Andrii Samara

There is lot of confusion in the market of conveyor belts about the edges of the conveyor belts, particularly for those reinforced by textiles (EP). We can quote mainly 3 types of edges in the market, as follows: moulded edges, cut edges, cut & painted edges.

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Metal detecting conveyor elements in food industry

Yuliya Taranenko

Increasing of food safety requirements determine the importance of detecting extraneous objects in food and food ingredients. The risk of contamination occurs when any undesirable element, such as metal, plastic or husk particles, enters the product packaging or food ingredient. The increase in the manufacturability of equipment, as well as development of technologies in the production of plastics, made it possible to detect extraneous objects in the products before they reach the final consumer. This can prevent costly product recalls, loss of reputation and lawsuits.

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